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Packages in Unity Registry


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Is there a good location that details which packages should be used for what purpose? I'm developing for the Vive Focus 3, but I get a little confused each time I go to the package manager when I start a new project of where to start. There are many updates (which I love) and the documentation is quickly catching up, but it still seems to lag a little behind the product updates.

Thank you!

Screenshot 2022-08-03 212732.png

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Hi @THubbard,

If you don't have preference to develop based on OpenXR, I'd suggest you to start from VIVE Wave XR.


For the rest from UPM, which are mainly for OpenXR (PCVR or MobileVR) but as you know many of OpenXR features are still under spec. review, discussion or development stage so it depends on your target.

Hope this clarification is helpful for you.


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