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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes
Released August 5th 2022

VIVE Console

[Vive Pro 2]

  • Added FPS preferences feature under Video section.


  • Fixed an issue with Vive Wave OpenXR unity plugin which will potentially hang at editor mode.
  • Fixed a cosmos controller malfunction issue with WebXR content.


  • Fixed an Eye tracking issue which SRAnipal runtime may malfunction without calibration.
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Dear Developers,


The Vive OpenXR implementation (with OpenGL, VIVE Cosmos, AMD RX6800XT) seems to created a GL_R16 texture instead of the requested GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16 as a depth image (so same size, but wrong format).

Steam OpenXR creates the texture with the correct internalformat.

OpenGL does not allow for a RED texture to be used as a DEPTH texture. Using throws the GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_ATTACHMENT error.

The only fix I could find to get it to work in OpenGL is not to use z-buffering which is... bad 🙂

As this used to work in an earlier version of VIVE software and I can't find a way to downgrade VIVE Software again, I can only guess that this bug was added recently.


Hope someone of you devs reads this and can fix it 🙂



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