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steam VR updates bricking base stations

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So, after having a few issues. I finally decided to do the update on the headset, controllers and the base stations. The headset wnet fine, the controllers went fine. But after the first base station updated it stopped working and giving a fault 3. So, ever so foolishly I updated the other base station. Now the second one wont even power on after the update. So the update has bricked both bases. And VIVE says I should send them in and PAY FOR A REPAIR. Anyone else have this happen to them? Anyone find a way to fix this? Or found a way to make VIVE repair any damage caused by software updates?

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Hi, I responded to you in another thread, but please feel free to respond here or via PM. I'd like to get your information so I can look into what happened and see how I might help. Did you already send your base stations in or do you have them with you currently? I may be able to troubleshoot them and get them back into working order if the firmware update is the only complication.

Send me a message.

Thank you,

-John C

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Hai there i have same issue... after update my base n now can run light still red n the sensor still off... how to fix this?? N im from indonesia can u tell me where country can fix this... n if i what to buy new cable for the headset can??

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I have the exact same issue - I fired everything up the first night, played for about an hour then took off the headset for a breather and noticed the steam dialog box prompting me to update the controllers and base stations. So, I updated the controllers no problem, the first base station so far so good and then the second base station and it bricked. No lights, no camera, no action...

At this point I was ready to jump back in for round two. I have one hour of play and a bricked part. Woe is me....

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