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Bitratelimiter on wireless


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As most of you know the Vive Wireless has severe issues with overheating on the higher resolution headsets. (Vive pro 2 in this case, but colleagues and friends experience these issues as well, though they can run at slightly higher than my 34% resolution max for extended playperiods.)
The data stream is simply generating too much heat in the Wireless unit on the users head and shuts down at around 90 degrees.

Vive has a "SetWirelessBitRate.exe" located in Program Files\VIVE Wireless\ConnectionUtility
However accessing it does nothing other than displaying a short loading symbol on my end.

This causes me to have to crank the headsets resolution down to under 35% and running my office at 19 degrees celcius to get more than 30 minutes of testing before experiencing whiteouts/blue screen before a full shutdown following shortly after.

The headset is fully functional on cable and I have 100% narrowed down the issue to the wireless unit.

Is there any way to get the bitrate limiter to function? I would love to be able to run the headset at 60-70% resolution with a  lower bitrate or even 60 Hz if it was possible since a lot of games do not even reach 90 (I know this can cause motion sickness, but I am not prone to it.)


My guess is the "AllowLimitBitRateDevices.txt" in C:\Program Files\VIVE Wireless\ConnectionUtility\Config
has something to do with the .exe not seeming to do anything.

My secondary option is adding USB fans like many users have done to their wireless kits. But I would really like to be able to tinker with the Bitrate on the wireless before I resort to that.

Any help appreciated!

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