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I Keep Getting Code Invalid Message when I try to redeem my content bundle


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I'd just bought a unit of HTC Vive simply to try out Star Trek: Bridge Crew and to experience VR. But the code that comes with the unit doesn't seem to work for me. I keep getting the error:


Code "my code" is invalid.


I've tried using Microsoft Edge InPrivate and Chrome's Incognito feature as suggested by people in this forum to no avail. I live in Indonesia so I thought at first to try registering under different regions but the result is the same. Please help.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi John,


I used the Live Chat feature on the Vive support site and it turns out that my Vive was purchased in the US and as such I needed to redeem the code in the US site. Turns out I won't be getting Star Trek: Bridge Crew after all since it's not available in the US, unless the Vive was bought from certain resellers and Vive's own online store. At least that is what I was told.


Anyway, the code got redeemed, so it's sorted. 






PS: not getting Star Trek: Bridge Crew just because I live in Indonesia and have to content with the fact that all online sellers here in my country sells Vive from US is a bit daft. But then again, what can I do.

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