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Hand tracking unaligned with steamvr in VBS?


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So far I've only tried hand tracking in VBS with steamvr home, half life alyx, and Compound (a unity application)

Hand tracking works great with Compound, which it's my understanding that HTC prioritizes unity apps for the Focus 3 so that makes sense.

But Steamvr home and Half Life Alyx's hand tracking is a mess, the hand in both apps is 90 degrees off axes (if your left palm faces the floor in real life, in the app it will face to your right).

So, I got to ask, is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Does HTC even plan on fixing it or is it only going to focus on Unity?

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I mean, just going off my own experience with 3d animation and programming, to get the hand in steamvr apps to line up with the real world hand, all HTC would need to do would be to just rotate the emulated controller about 90 degrees and then maybe translate the 'wrist' point a little, they do that and I think it would be very usable as is. 

The problem seems to all steam from the fact that HTC programmed the palm facing down to be the same thing as holding the emulated focus 3 controller upright. 

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