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[Tutorial] OpenXR - How to use Hand Tracking & Wrist Tracker

Vivi Wu

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It’s been over a year since we introduced Hand Tracking support for Wave SDK.

Now we introduced Hand Tracking also support OpenXR for both AIO (Android) &  PC VR (Windows) development.


AIO (Android) / OpenXR Hand Tracking & Wrist Tracker Tutorials:
Support Devices : Focus3


PC VR (Windows) / OpenXR Hand Tracking Tutorials:
Support Devices : Vive Cosmos series, VIVE Pro series, VIVE Focus 3+VBS

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I am trying to get  hand tracking to work for the VIVE Pro 2 headset in Unity 2020.3.x. I have installed the VIVE OpenXR v1.0.10 plugin and the sample Hand tracking scene just doesn't seem to work. There are no errors and the runtime returns an XR_SUCCESS message for the hand tracking extension, but the isActive flag is always false in the locations and velocities arrays. So the hand is not detected. I have enabled camera in steam vr, and I don't seem to get why it doesn't work.


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