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Can't Remove Game from Viveport Subscription


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This is my first month of renewing Viveport and first off, it's NOT an intuitive experience.

I had five games in my library and tried deleting them all so I could get five new games. For some reason, We Are Stars would not delete. I found this out when I tried adding a fifth game and it said I'd reached my maximum. I tried deleting We Are Stars again and then tried adding a new game, but the same thing happened. I then saved my games thinking that I could go back in, delete it, and add the last new game.


Now it appears that all five games are locked for the month. This doesn't allow me to try my workaround, and it isn't at all clear that if I click Save that I will no longer have the option to rearrange my titles, perhaps if I changed my mind after seeing another game in the catalog. Knowing that you're committing to those five once you click save and won't get the chance to edit it is important information!


I was told by a customer service representative on live chat that there's nothing he could do to help me because the game had been downloaded already. Except I downloaded it last month and now want to delete it, like I did with the other four titles from last month. It is a bit offputting that the solution from the customer service rep is to post on a message board.


In short, this is a very non-intuitive process but the bottom line is that I would like We Are Stars removed from my subscription for the month and I want to add a new game. Please let me know how we can make this happen.



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