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Focus 3 LBE Hybrid mode - disable boundary option displayed the boundary line


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We are currently use LBE Hybrid Mode that activated option - Disable boundary " and we have some issue.

Focus 3 software version - 5.0.999.514 , 5.0.999.558 . language - korean

VIVE Manager App Version - 1.0.36

When power on the headset, focus 3 enter VO mode and disabled boundary line , but When We exit standby mode entered LBE Mode and will be displayed boundary line.

Becasue Focus 3 did not enter passthrough mode when outside of that boundary area, I think " Disable Boundary" Option works. But We want focus 3 don't displayed boundary line.


1. I think if when activated "disable boundary" option, boundary line should not be displayed at LBE Mode. Right? or this issue intended?

2.Then We tried turn off boundary line display but not exist detail boundary line option ( color or alpha etc ..) in Focus 3 setting . I think becuse we choose "disable boundary" option, boundary line option was deactivated, Right?


3.We tried remake map data larger than previous , but VIVE Manager App don't show set map area step. And that set play area only 2 even we scanned more larger than 2m. this issue caused by "disable boundary" option? If we can turn off boundary line display this question don't care.



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