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Hi I am having the same problem.

My company works solely with URP and I am trying to use Focus 3 headsets to create a shared experience for a museum in Norway.

Is there any update on this issue? Is it still not possible to use Direct Preview with URP?

If this is still not supported then which render pipeline are developers expected to use?

I have spent quite a lot of time trying to get this to work and never even imagined that URP was the problem.

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Hello, I'd like to chime in here asking about URP support. What exactly will fail when trying to run DirectPreview on a Unity URP project? Is there anything we can do to support URP or work around this issue?

My Vive Focus 3 HMD gets stuck on "Connecting..." when running DirectPreview in WiFi mode. I'm wondering if this is just the result of using URP?

However, my HMD and controller poses are tracked (confirmed by watching the Game window and moving the devices). Just no video output in the HMD.


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Hi @bjarmenzeit, @Austin Sullivan Unity,

Currently we're working on Direct Preview refactoring to improve connecting stability, user flow and add new feature like hand tracking support etc. and plan to have an update version with next SDK release (in March timeframe). 

URP support is on our plan, but it also requires more efforts and investigations to make the whole paths work. Will keep posted if the schedule is confirmed.


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