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VIVE eye tracking SDK makes unity project crashing

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I had the same issues. Either Unity was crashing or the DLL was not found. 


Here is my solution:
Tested with Unity 2022.2.3f1 / Unity 2020.3.44f1, VIVE OpenXR Plugin - Windows 1.0.10, SRanipal Runtime and SRanipal SDK

  • The current SRanipal Runtime ( should already be installed on your PC after completing the PC VR HEADSET SETUP https://www.vive.com/us/setup/pc-vr/
  • The current SRanipal SDK ( makes Unity crash. Get version from the archive: https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/eye-and-facial-tracking-sdk/download/archive/1_3_3_0/
  • If not done yet, install the XR Plugin Management via Edit > Project Settings > XR Plugin Management.
  • Add the Vive Package Repository for the Package Manager: Edit > Project Settings > Package Manager > Scoped Registries
  • Open Package Manager, select My Registries in top row and install VIVE OpenXR Plugin - Windows.
  • A pop-up appears and requests the restart of the editor to enable the new input system. Click Yes and wait for the restart to be completed.
  • Open XR Plugin Management via Edit > Project Settings > XR Plugin Management.
    • Activate OpenXR and Vive OpenXR feature group.
  • Import SRanipal SDK: Assets > Import Package > Custom Package...
  • Open OpenXR settings via Edit > Project Settings > XR Plugin Management > OpenXR
    • Unselect Facial Tracking, Hand Tracking and Scene Understanding.
  • Close and re-open Unity! Without the restart, the DLL won't be found. (Took me hours to figure this out.)
  • Test if everything works by dragging the SRanipal Eye Framework prefab in your Scene and running the scene.

I followed this tutorial for extracting the eye data and adapted the script to my needs, works perfectly: https://forum.htc.com/topic/9341-vive-eye-tracking-at-120hz/

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Just updated to SRanipal Runtime ( and is very unstable, the runtime keeps crashing, and sometimes my project crashes.

Now I get status messages like: Lip Camera Version "Checking" , then after 30 seconds it says "updated the lip tracker firmware", then i am instructed to reboot the HMD, even when SteamVR is not running, this is a repeating, and now nothing works.

Way my lip tracker camera just ruined by a update? I think the SR face capture is really awful to work with, it's so unstable and I have a modern PC, lots of my friends (i am a animator) agree the Vive face trackers works only about 15% of the time. It's a mess, and was really the only reason I purchased a Vive pro eye, now I can't even use the damn thing because the software is begin destroyed by a team of reckless "software developers" who literally have HTC funding to do a simple college level project implementation and can't even get that right, and ends up costing consumers $1000 to only realize the hardware is so broken I have to spend literally two hours trying to get the stupid face tracking working on a "PRO" level product is absurd, what a rip off. HTC could have done way better on face tracking support, but SRanipal just proves they don't give a ... about VR

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