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Vive Focus 3 will not work with Wave Open XR for Android


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I have followed all the posted tutorials for getting my vive focus 3 headsets (three of them) to work correctly for development in Unity. I get all of the packages setup, but the controllers will not show in the scene, when I hit play. So there is no way to interact with the scene.

Using unity 2020.3.33 or 2021.3.

Headset software is 5.0.999.264

Vive business Streaming version


I have my build settings for Android, as shown in the pictures.


I have been through this so many times. I need help with getting some settings and versions that work together.

Unity game with no hands or controllers.png

Vive Packages Installed.png

Vive focus 3 in xr plugin management.png

project settings controls.png

project settings -open xr settings.png

Build settings in Android with Vive Focus 3.png

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You are my hero! It seems that this prompted a couple of updates? As soon as I opened my project, I was asked to update the Vive Open XR plugin for Windows to 1.0.8. Then I made the changes you suggested, did a project reopen, and it all works. Awesome, Thanks! I have spent hours and hours and hours trying different things, and I am so glad to have a project work. I even built the project directly to the headset, using the Android settings, and it all worked.

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@chengnay could I get your support please?

I'm trying to build an .APK (so standalone use of focus 3) from a project developed as an .EXE (Focus 3 + USB-C and VBS). Unity 2020.3.26f1

First, Do you agree that the OPEN XR wave sdk will make this possible without having to code again ? 

Please see my screen capture, I don't see any VIVE wave openXR plug in within my package manager.


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