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Vive Focus 3 will not work with Wave Open XR for Android


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1 hour ago, chengnay said:

Hi @seb87,

Could you copy the Scripting Define Symbols in Edit>Project Settings>Player>Android tab on the right side and show it to me?

If you can fix that compile error coming from VIU, please do so.

Thank you. Here we go for script define symbols

However I have no idea how to fix the error from VIU, what should I do? 108400229_scriptdefinesymbol.thumb.PNG.8e91b7d21242d79a75ddbfd53854effc.PNG

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On 11/4/2022 at 1:28 PM, chengnay said:

Hi @seb87,

I assume there might be some errors in other scripts.

Do you mind remove VIU and let the Unity to compile without errors?

@chengnay thank you. I removed VIU, it fixed the first error. Then I removed a library (Valve.VR) in two scripts, and then was able to build an .APK

indeed it does not convert from windows to Android seamlessly, there are a couple of interactions issues to fix, render too, but at least I have a first glimpse!

Thank you very much for your insights.

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