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Controller input C++ standalone file


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I am currently started developing an app using the VIVE sets(GEN 1 with 1 headsets 2 contollers and 2 gen1 base station). I want to use the controller input in my own physics: built with c++ librareis. I question is  where I could find controller input sdks? The documentations only mentioned I could use in Unity or UE, but I would like a souce input file for that, is it available? 




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If anyone just started working the vive system and have similar problem as I do. The answer is no. There is no raw input available. Instead, the input from VIVE system is maintained by SteamVR, where it is closed sourced. The bindings of the vive controller can be found in 


But I would recommand you look at OpenVR's documentation first.

Essentially, you need to call SteamVR to communicate your device and you can get the input(not raw anymore) from SteamVR.

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