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What happened to the Vive Wireless Battery Packs for the Vive Pro 2 or Vive Cosmos? Here's a workaround.


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Being an early adopter  of the Vive Wireless Adapter with the Original Vive headset, I looked forward to using it with the Vive Cosmos Elite I bought on Black Friday in 2021. Much to my chagrin not only does it require a more powerful battery pack, 21-Watt vs 18-Watt that worked with the Vive, but it also hasn't been available outside of the full kit in nearly a year. This is very disappointing.

Fortunately I've done some experimentation and found a workaround.

Accessory URL "https://www.vive.com/us/accessory/cosmos-wireless-adapter-attachment-kit/?_login=true#"

Get this kit for the cable "https://www.vive.com/us/accessory/vive-pro-wireless-adapter-attachment-kit/"

If you've noticed the exorbitant price from HTC for the 21-Watt Battery it may frustrate you. Thankfully if you go to Amazon, you can order the "INIU Portable Charger, USB C 22.5W PD3.0 QC4.0" USB Battery Bank at 20,000 mAH and not only does it last longer than the HTC branded one, it charges faster and costs half as much.


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