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VIVE Focus 3 - Vive Business Streaming - "OpenXR - Vive OpenXR - Register to enable OpenXR extensions for VBS"


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Could someone on the team clarify what is actually happening in the VBS Advanced settings section for OpenXR, VIVE Open XR, when you tell it to "Register"? I'm trying to understand if this is a move to a full VBS OpenXR runtime so that we don't need to run SteamVR, or if this is something else entirely?

Long story short, I am doing some experimenting with StereoKit, and using VBS to interact with a very simple environment, but the hand tracking is counter-rotated by 90 degrees. It seems as though the hands are oriented for controllers rather than actual hands. I've been told that the OpenXR extension XR_EXT_palm_pose that was revised earlier this year should be handling that, but something is amiss and I'm trying to understand where the problem is actually occurring. Here's a short in headset video of what I'm experiencing.


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For "Register", we only provide the feature of facial tracking extension so that developers can enable it to get facial tracking data via OpenXR interface if the facial kit is connected on VIVE Focus 3.

As to the 90-degree rotated to the hand tracking, could I confirm again that you are using OpenVR instead OpenXR, right?

The issue should not be there when you are using XR_EXT_hand_tracking since we have also tested some OpenXR content.

And if you are using OpenVR, I guess you are retrieving hand skeleton data with EVRSkeletalMotionRange set to VRSkeletalMotionRange_WithController, right?

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Ah that makes sense on the facial tracking extension, thank you for clarifying that!

On the 90-degree rotation of the hand tracking, as far as I'm aware it's fully OpenXR, not OpenVR. I don't know if it'd be helpful but you can see more about StereoKit here if you're not familar with it:  https://stereokit.net/

I've compiled Android native simple apps like this previously for the headset, and those seemed to work fine, but this is specifically when using SteamVR and streaming to the headset. I know the Focus 3 does have some settings between it and SteamVR that seems to do some sort of controller emulation rather than polling the actual hand tracking data, so I'm curious if that is somehow getting in the way. I've tried disabling "Compatibility Mode" in VIVE Business Streaming and only leaving "Hand Tracking" enabled, but the results are the same.

I'll do a bit more testing again tomorrow and see if I can find any more detailed information, but if you have other ideas I'm open to experiment. 🙂

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may I ask if the issue still persists on your side? 

I am facing similar problems and posted a topic about it a view days ago because I cant find a solution.

From my understanding VBS is relying on openVR to communicate with SteamVR.

Since I am using VRIF plugin for Unity I am also relying on my input and actionsbindings being handled with steamVR, it seems like I am getting the same strange handtracking behaviour as you did. 

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