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Nvidia has changed the render pipeline. Framedrops on Vive Pro 2+ RTX 4090.


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Got my pimax crystal coming soon. I was able to demo one my friend bought, and the contrast between headsets was stark. Not only is the crystal far clearer, the ability to use OpenXR was amazing. Instant performance. It felt like my 4090 was finally able to perform as it should. You don't realise how badly vive console and steamvr are hobbling performance until you get out of it entirely.

So it will be goodbye to HTC forever. Well done fellas. You managed to turn someone who bought a vive OG and a vive pro 2 into a never again customer.

Of course I will warn everyone I know to avoid HTC also.

However, good luck to everyone else here, I hope you one day get a proper resolution.

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I understand your frustration regarding the changes in Nvidia's render pipeline and the impact it has on your experience with the Vive Pro 2 headset. It can be disheartening when such changes occur without prior notification or documentation.

In situations like this, it is important for both Nvidia and helmet developers to work together to address these issues. Ideally, Nvidia could consider reintegrating the previous render pipeline elements in future driver updates, although it's uncertain if they will choose to do so.

On the other hand, helmet developers like Varjo have been proactive in testing and developing patches to adapt to the changes in the render pipeline. It's great to hear that they have made progress in this regard, but it's unfortunate that the patch is currently limited to Varjo products only.

Given the impact on your experience with the Vive Pro 2 and the frustration you are facing, it would be beneficial for HTC support to be made aware of this problem. By bringing the issue to their attention, you provide them with an opportunity to investigate and address the shortcomings in their product. It's important to provide them with specific details and any relevant information regarding the issues you are facing.

While waiting for a response from HTC support, you may also want to explore online communities and forums related to Vive Pro 2 and Nvidia graphics cards. These platforms can provide valuable insights and potential workarounds that other users may have discovered. Engaging with other users who may be experiencing similar challenges can also provide a sense of support and shared experiences.

In the meantime, I hope that Nvidia and HTC will take note of the feedback from users like yourself and work towards finding a solution to improve the overall gaming experience on the Vive Pro 2 with Nvidia's graphics cards. I myself also facing these situations while playing fifa mobile mod apk unlimited money and gems in my mobile.

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1 hour ago, H8REDFLIP said:

So am i right in thinking there are loads of people that don't have these problems though? Are plenty of people managing perfect 120hz with 4090 and vp2? And thats why this issue is not more widely talked about?

It's not widely talked about because not many people buy Vive Pro.

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So today i've been having similar problems, but the resolutions and res per eye i find is always confusing because some companies say per eye and other put the full res of both eyes.

Vive Pro 2 is 2248x2248 max res per eye right?

But i noticed that steam vr set at 100% render res ('Per Eye') was set at 4896x4896 (which is double what the setting should be right?)

Sol i changed it all the way down to 28% (Can't seem to enter exact settings) , 28% is 2308x2308 per eye.

Now i can turn graphics up and pretty much get  a consistent 120hz decent quality display with no tearing or stuttering, the only lingering issue that seems to remain is a pretty rough frame drop, maybe 1 every few seconds.


So is this steam vr resolution setting about right, i'm sure when i had the 3090, this setting was always on 150% like recommended, but i'm sure the resolution was much lower than it is now, the recommended 150% now is 5348x5348!

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I mentioned this earlier in the post. but I can repeat it ^^

NEVER LOOK AT THE % STEAMVR WITH THE VP2, as it is unreliable and can even vary from one start to the next.

The VP2 definition is 2448x2448 per eye.

So it's best to set steamVR to 2448x2448, regardless of the percentage displayed!

Then set a different supersampling for each game.

4896x4896 per eye isn't double, but it's x4!!! obviously it'll never run smoothly at that definition with a game.

In 99% of cases, the problems with the VP2 and the 4090, since HTC corrected the problems with the VIVE console, come from this misunderstanding of the definition applied by steamVR. or a third-party application


But there is no more issue with vive console 4090 and VP2 at 120hz, ultra, etc

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