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how to watch 360 image with the headset ?


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currently,  there's still no simple and native solution to view a 360° picture on the Vive Focus 3. There is a video player (Vive video) to play your 360° video (mono and stereo) , but it does not support 360° pictures. 
you'll have to convert your pictures to mp4 (h264/h265) and play them in the viewer. ( it is quite surprising that this kind of basic  function  is not integrated in the Focus 3) . 

I tested the following spec and it works pretty well   

Video 360°+ Stereo ==> Max 5760x5760 pixels / Codec H265 / 25 images seconde (or less if you don't have any anim in your 360°)  / res 5760x5760 
Video 360°+ Mono ==> Max 7680x3840 pixels / Codec H265 / 25 images seconde (or less if you don't have any anim in your 360°)  / res 7680x3840

Hope this helps you,


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