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On 10/30/2022 at 12:58 PM, StevieZakhour said:

Hi All

Has anyone noticed lag when using the Focus 3 over WiFi 6e with the Netgear RAXE500?

Cant say about that specific router but my focus 3 works perfectly with a UniFi6 Enterprise and our Cisco Wifi6 acesspoints not much of a difference tbh. I would look into the router itself being bad or wrongfully setup with to many devices connected and so on. 

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That's interesting. We purchased a few UniFi U6-Enterprise, we have 4 Focus 3 headsets.

My setup:

I have created 1 SSID to be broadcasted from 2 U6-Enterprise AP (I created a group within the SSID called WiFI6e). The 2 U6-Enterprise are connected to a UniFi 24 port gb switch which is connected to a Dream Machine Pro via a SPF+ 1gb cable. Each AP will have 2 Focus 3 headsets connected, this is done by locking the Focus 3 to an access point (lock to a access point). All settings, i.e., channels are set automatically (I made sure 6ghz is enabled, this the only band ticked in the SSID - 2.4 and 5 are turned off).

Unfortunately, I still get lag when using all 4 Focus 3 headsets simultaneously. Each Focus 3 headset is connected via Vive Business Streaming to a PC (I have 4 PC's on the same network via gb ethernet as the Focus 3 headsets and U6-Enterprise). Vive Business Streaming bitrate is set to 20mbps (performance). I followed HTC's advise on setting the graphics card to maximum performance (all PC's use the RTX 2080 graphics card).

Did you mount your U6-Enterprise on the ceiling? I have the AP's mounted on the wall approx. 2 meters apart. Do you have recommendations on settings, i.e. channel widths, channel and others? 

Thank you!

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