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controller tracking for focus 3 with open XR doesn't work, using vive cosmos interaction profile does work


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I'm working with Unity 2021.3.4, Vive open xr windows 1.0.8 and open xr 1.4.2.

Once I add the 'htc vive focus3 controller support' to the interaction profiles in the xr plugin management window, there is no tracking whatsoever for my controllers. If I remove the focus3 from the interaction profiles and I add the 'HTC Vive Cosmos controller support' to the interaction profiles, all works great.
I can use my controller atm but this doesn't seem right since I'm using a focus3. Maybe a fix for this would be nice.

To test: download the open xr plugin controllers' sample. Open the test scene and remove all interaction profiles except focus3, run the demo and you'll see no controller, remove it and add the htc vive cosmos, play, and you'll see input for  the controller.

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Hi @arnesdn,

The feature of supporting focus3 controller profile on VBS is now on Beta only. 

You can switch to VBS Beta if you'd like to try.

However, it will be published out later this week. (after 11/3)

You could also wait for it if you are not quite urgent.

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