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I just tried Sandbox VR in Austin


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I'm sure y'all have heard about these places. Buildings that have proprietary VR headsets, large spaces for walking around, customized games, full body tracking and such.

It was pretty cool, all said. It was definitely different from the HTC Vive experience, and quite a bit more clunky, honestly.

The full body tracking was cool, and the fact that you could dance, look down, and see your avatar feet move appropriately and you could see your friends' and group's avatars moving and dancing. The headsets were high resolution Pimax, which was nice.

They had fans blowing at you at certain points in the game in order to simulate wind. It was definitely pretty cool.

It was also clunky and the tracking was surprisingly bad, and imprecise, especially when compared to my HTC Vive. Things just didn't map properly. With the HTC Vive, you can take for granted that things are exactly where they are represented in the virtual world. This expectation in SandboxVR made me realize that their solution, while cool, definitely needs a lot of work and improvement.

My partner in the game was a date (girl) who had never done VR before... and holy shit did she freak out. Like, full-volume involuntary blood curdling screams. I was like 'ahhh, she'll get used to it...'. Nope. She was screaming at full volume the entire time, as I saw her robot avatar dancing around alien bugs around her feet.

All said, it was an interesting new take on VR. There is definitely something awesome about VR in a large space where you can walk around. It'll be interesting to see where this all goes.

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