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What the "Vive input utility" and "Vive wave SDK" packages are for ?


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I explain the question : I begin to use a Focus 3 headset with unity, and the steamVR package is enough to use the headset in USB mode.
That's why I wonder what the "Vive input utility" and "Vive wave SDK" packages are for. In simple words for beginners, when and why to use them ?

Many thanks in advance for your returns


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The steamvr package is not actively maintained from my best understanding. I am guessing that you are using VBS (vive business streaming) to stream content to your headset while developing. This is a valid way to start to develop the app and it works when your build target is set to PC. Eventually, you will need to build an app that runs on the headset without the pc, and that is where using our android XR SDK will allow you to deploy the app without the pc attached. If your primary target is to run an app only for yourself or to be run in controlled environments like trade shows, then using VBS to stream content from the PC to the focus3 is still an option, and one taken by some of our customers for specific usecases.

In general, developers would more likely want to use the "Vive wave sdk for android". This allows them build an app that they can distribute to customers to run on the headset itself without a pc connected and then publish this app through our app store and/or distribute it using our Device management solution (DMS), like a deployment for internal business apps. In addition, the vive wave sdk also exposes a lot more specific functionality for our devices like the ability to use pass-under for vr, requesting to use microphone and other permissions, and much more.

In short:
"Vive wave SDK - Android" - allows you to build an xr (vr or ar) application that can run on the headset by itself. It also enables device-specific functionality and is needed to publish an android app on the business app store.
"Vive input utility" - This is a cross device toolkit to make some of the more common challenges of VR easier. If you want to have your app run on multiple devices this toolkit can save you time when dealing with some of the smaller differences between headsets. https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/tools/vive-input-utility/?site=au is a good starting point if this is interesting to you.

Let me know if this makes sense - glad to clarify or answer any other questions.


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Hi @Alex_HTC

Great thanks for this complete and clear answer.

Indeed, I use "Vive business streaming" to stream content to the headset.

Following your answer, I think so I don't need the "Vive input utility" package right now for my beginning of learning. I use very simple things with unity.

About the two other packages :

- is the "steamvr package" will be disappear in future or other solutions will be proposed ? I use this one. I mean it is very useful.

- I already tried to install a "Vive wave SDK" package (this one), but .apk didn't work after installation in the headset. I posted a message here for this. Could you please tell me if there are any configuration issues ?

Thanks again.

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@DDFSmy guess is that the xr rig isn't set up and/or the xr modules aren't installed 

Our wave getting started guide covers some of this here https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnityXR/UnityXRGettingStart.html

Another thing to try is to compare it against an example that is already working like https://github.com/hardcoded2/URP-Example

Thanks for reaching out!
Let me know how it goes!

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