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After entering the program operation, switching to the content library screen, and then returning to the running program, the handle is stuck and the screen is stuck, forcing the device to restart to return to normal, which is a major bug, please verify and troubleshoot as soon as possible.

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Which program was running? It would help us reproduce the issue. It is possible that the application is hanging or crashing.

Also, have you tried updating the software on the headset?


运行的是哪个程序? 这将帮助我们重现该问题。 应用程序可能挂起或崩溃。


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Can you confirm that you're referencing the samples in the "essence" project?

Which version of unity?

Which version of the headset ROM?

--You can find this in settings->general->system update - below this it will show "current version is x.x.xxx.xxx"

--The most recent version is https://business.vive.com/release-notes/vive-focus-3/vive-focus-3-software-50999646/

What versions of the wave essence and wave xr package are you currently using?

Looking at the example myself - it does look like it depends on scripts from the original example as well, but I was able to get it to run using 
Rom version 5.0.999.646 and was not able to reproduce this issue when building from unity 2021.3.9f1 and wave essence 5.0.3-r.5 
And the code:
And the apk i generated is attached to this thread as "buttontest.apk"


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