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Problem Vive Business Streaming installation


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Hello there,

during the installation of Vive Business Streaming the error 103 occurs. 

According to What do the error codes and messages mean? What can I do? (vive.com) it means that there is no internet connection. However the PC itself has at least a https connection via the browser. However there probably there is a company firewall in between. On which ports does the installer work? Is there a offline installer available? 

Best regards


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7 hours ago, SmallStudio said:

Hi! I have exactly the same issue and the same error message when I try to install Vive Business Streaming. I have disabled both the anti-virus and firewall but I still get the error. Do you have any clues?

do you have other network you can try? error 103 is more like network issue, unable to reach the download server. 

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