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[Tutorial] OpenXR PC VR : How to use VIVE Tracker

Vivi Wu

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 VIVE Tracker offers endless possibilities as a robust, unintrusive solution for adding high-precision positional tracking to any associated real-life object.

And VIVE OpenXR PC VR Plugin also support VIVE Tracker.

Here's some tutorial for VIVE Tracker:

  • What you will learn in the following tutorials:
    1. How to setup the VIVE Tracker on PC
    2. Get and setup OpenXR VIVE Tracker Plugin
    3. Use VIVE Tracker in UE5 or Unity project
  1. [VIVE Tracker] Using OpenXR in Unreal Engine:
    For VIVE Tracker Plugin is provided by Valve, and you can download it from their GitHub Here.
    Also we provide the guide here OpenXR_VIVE_Tracker_Tutorial_for_Unreal_Engine.pdf
  2.  [VIVE Tracker] Using OpenXR in Unity:
    Here's an awesome video we found on YouTube from an enthusiastic Unity developer - VR with Andrew:

Note If you're looking for the OpenXR tutorial for Wrist Tracker, please refer the tutorial Here.

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  • 4 months later...

I have tried the Vive Tracker Profile in Unity with OpenXR, it works but only if the trackers are connected before launching the app. 
If you launch the app directly it will start the SteamVR and then if you connect the tracker, SteamVR connects the tracker but the app doesn't receive any update that the tracker is connected. Is there a way to receive an update if the tracker gets connected after the launch of the app? 

Thank you!

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