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VBS 10 second drop outs; trying to diagnose


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Far as I can tell, I think I may have been barking up the wrong tree when it came to thinking there was still some problem between the ethernet adapter, wifi router, and the VR headset. Adjusting my ethernet settings as to the guidelines of the aforementioned link definitely helped but it didn't get me all the way.

I was able to play Bonelab for 90 minutes at a time almost flawlessly, maybe the connection would hiccup here and there for a tenth of a second two or three times in those 90 minutes.

Where the real problem seemed to be is with certain steamvr apps/games that are not optimized. 

I would go into Pavlov and load into a 20+ player server that was in another continent and then I would have those 5-10 second drop outs again.

Pavlov is kind of notorious for being unoptimized, if I would play it with my wired Reverb G2 I would notice there would be occasional stuttering here and there but not anywhere near as bad as what users experience in VBS.

I think the bigger issue is that HTC needs to optimize how the VBS client handles momentary drops in performance/stuttering in SteamVR apps, it needs to be able to handle such bumps in the road without leading to these 5-10 second long complete drops in usability. 

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I think I figured out what was really causing the 5-10 second long intense drop outs.

My Focus 3 co-exists on my PC with an HP Reverb G2 (I prefer the added clarity and stability of the displayport connection for seated experiences where the wire doesn't inhibit me).

Something I didn't notice was that when I run my Focus 3/VBS, Steam asks me to change the OpenXR runtime to SteamVR because apparently it switches to Windows Mixed Reality when I plug in my Reverb G2.

I dismissed it before because I thought it didn't matter cause the Focus 3 ran everything except for Bonelab, turns out switching back to SteamVR made all the difference, no more horrible drop outs that made some types of experiences almost unusable. 

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Tested for the first time with VBS via USB cable and the streaming was super stable. 

It looks like the problem must be somewhere in my wifi 6 chain then.

Thought it could have been some other things but apparently not. 

Didn't try this earlier because I don't own any really long usb c cables.

Can HTC recommend any 'usual suspects' when it comes to bad router or ethernet adapter settings?

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The problem was my router's old firmware!

I updated my Asus RT-AX86S to and now my Focus 3 via VBS is as reliable as my wired Reverb G2, I'm shocked, I feel like I have the stability I would expect from a wigig setup.

I'm a bit disappointed that Asus released a router with a firmware that had such problems but all's well that ends well, I suppose. 

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Good to see your issue is resolved! I recently upgraded my router to a 6E access point and the increased stability is shocking. It was pretty good before, but I can now play essentially without any meaningful interruption for as long as the battery is capable of providing juice. I assumed that having a not perfectly reliable connection was simply one of the drawbacks of playing wirelessly, but that's not the case.

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