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Hand Tracking joints tracking not working


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 @Alex_HTC@Vivi Wu 


Unity: "2021.3.2f1"

Package "com.htc.upm.vive.openxr": "1.0.9".

Device: "HTC VIVE Focus 3".

I have imported: "HandTracking Example" which is the same as explained in this page:



Well every time I "hide" the hands, the gameObject is still active, it is never deactivated, the only thing that happens is that it stops reporting new positions of the joints.

I see that this logic is done through the script "RenderModel" but what I see is that the flags of "XrSpaceLocationFlags" return incorrect values when you "hide" the hands.


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In the editor, is the variable set 


--Make sure this is unchecked

What code do you have in this section?

if(HandManager.GetJointLocation(isLeft, out HandjointLocations))
    UpdateJointLocation();//Refer to step2 below to update your hand model here.
    //Hide your hand model due to not detect the hand input 

The Else statement is likely where hiding would want to go

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As I said, we are using the example that comes with the package.

The code of the tutorial is the same but incomplete, while the code of the example inside the package is complete.

There, in the "else" there is code to hide the gameObject.

The value of "allowUntrackedPose" does not matter for the case that I say that is to show or hide the gameObject, that variable is only used in the logic of move/rotate each joint.

The basic problem is that the 4 variables (posValid, posTracked, rotValid, rotTracked) return incorrect values for the case of "hide" the hands, it seems that it still believes that they are in sight.

My concern is that underneath it uses OpenXR APIs and that the problem goes beyond some focus 3 update, software on Windows from HTC, etc that causes something to malfunction.

Can you please test this case? Several of us have check it on different equipment, focus 3, etc.

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