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Is the VIVE Pro 2 backwards compatible with the original VIVE base stations?


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Hi all,

My first question on here! I just wanted to know if the base stations, (or tracking stations?) were compatible across the VIVE range?

I've loaned an original VIVE setup, including the two stations and the hand controllers - the latter, I'm not that concerned about as I'm intending to use my own VIVE with my racing seat. 

However, would a VIVE Pro 2 headset work fine with the original generation of base stations? Or do they need their newer iterations?

Many thanks.

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The VIVE Pro 2 is indeed backwards compatible with the original VIVE base stations, allowing users to utilize their existing setup for tracking purposes. This means that owners of the VIVE Pro 2 can use their older base stations from the original VIVE system without the need for additional hardware. Just as in the game Shadow Fight 2 all weapons where players collect and master various weapons, the VIVE Pro 2's compatibility showcases the seamless integration of technology, akin to how each weapon in "Shadow Fight 2" offers a unique playstyle, contributing to the overall experience.

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