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Thumbstick reporting pressed in Wolvic


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I'm having trouble with the Wolvic browser on the HTC Vive Focus 3, using the latest everything. The root of the problem seems to be that Wolvic thinks the thumbstick is in the pressed state. We've reproduced this on two different headsets, so we're sure it's not a hardware glitch. It has these effects:

  • You can't scroll with the thumbstick
  • You can't get into VR on the first try because the thumbstick confuses the screen waiting for you to press "any" controller button
  • Once in VR, the thumbstick reports pressed

I reported this to Igalia, and they said they have no control of Wolvic on the HTC platform:


Please let me know if this is the wrong place to report this, and I'll happily repost somewhere else.

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With Wolvic releasing fixes we report on nearly every other device we test our app on, I was elated to see it listed in the Vive store. I'm not sure why HTC themselves would release a custom build of Wolvic on the store, which appears to match the system browser build very closely, and then never update it.

I humbly ask that HTC turn over the app store entry for Wolvic to Igalia, or the community, so that we can support our customers who have HTC devices without the added friction of them side-loading a custom browser build. The users who bought the HTC Vive XR Elite deserve to see the device shine with award-winning WebXR content like The Escape Artist (esc.art) and Elysian (elysian.fun).

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