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Pro Eye Tracking stops when Face Tracker is plugged in


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I'm trying to get the Vive Facial Tracker to work with my Vive Pro Eye, but every time I even have the facial tracker plugged into my system or headset they eye tracking stops working and the mouth tracker never starts working. SRanipal shows the eyes as orange and the mouth as black on the task bar. However the eyes tracking works perfectly fine when the face tracker is not plugged in. There is some kind of conflict happening here that I do not understand. I have tried using different versions of SRanipal but with no success. I was able to get both to work simultaneously one time but this was weeks ago and haven't been able to since. Vive Support tried to help but referred me to the support forums as they could not find a solution for me. I created a developer account already. I work in IT if that helps but just cannot find a solution despite my knowledge. Any help would be appreciated.

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After having done some more testing I find that after unplugging several USB devices I got it to track both eye amd face more often and for longer. However, opening apps like Discord or other similar computational processes "kill" the mouth face tracking but the eyes consistently track. I have 8 Vive tracker dangles plugged into two different hubs so unplugging those and other peripherals allow for the face to track. The problem is that I would like to use all of my trackers at the same time and figure out why the face tracker is so picky. It even causes SteamVR to crash at times which the headset alone has never done. 

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