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Can I select HMD, left controller and right controller at the same time when I use Simulator?


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I want to be able to control right controller, left controller and HMD at the same time using mouse and keyboard. I know that I can select and move the selected controller and grab or other things. However, I cannot do it more than one device. I am wondering if it allows me to control multiple devices at the same time.

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I tried this but the right controller or the left controller pointer won't move unless I select 1 or 2. I couldn't move the pointer when the top HMD 0, 1, 2, if all show white color. I am wondering if I miss something.

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I did screen record what I see.

So, when I move my mouse the right and left controller pointers move togeter and I am not able to select anything using the pointer. However, I can select and move the pointer if I turn on device 1 or device 2 (turn green) as you can see in the gif image.

WSADEQ will move forward backward right left the player.

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