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Password For Debug Log Via the VBConsole


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I noticed that when you generate a Headset Debug Log via the VBC, the file gets Zipped, download to your computer and to UNZIP it, it requires a password. 

Really not sure how that password gets generated. I tried my Vive Accout password and computer password and neither of them worked.  



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Hey. For me I would just like to see the crash logs of the headset, we had an issue multiple times where while playing our game for like 45min to an hour and constantly moving, the headset would just crash. Initially we thought it was the game so we put a crash tool with the game but the tool didn't pickup anything so now we want to see if there is some sort of crash logs of the headset in the zip file to help us better understand what is going on.

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19 hours ago, C.T. said:

Only approved R&Ds obtain the password, is there any specific log you are looking for? 

May I ask why? From a developer's perspective, logs are a really useful resource. We've been plagued with a couple of bugs recently in LBSS and to be honest, the support experience was abysmal. It's months of forth and back and support staff asking the same questions several times that have already been answered by us very concise before. We found repro cases that we submitted and it's still going forth and back. Part of that covered functionality that was security-critical. That whole experience could've possibly been much faster if we could just have had a look at the logs ourselves. Instead, we've been digging through the file system manually to find out what's wrong, because support didn't.

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