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Weird (Driver?) issue that hopefully someone can help with.


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I got a vive pro 2 setup a few months ago. I love it. It's amazing. When it works.

I have to do a clean install of my video driver every couple days to keep it working.


My system is 5900x, 32gb ram, 3080ti

After a while, every time I start it, it is a stuttering and often full crashing mess. The graph is nothing but red, and the ms goes into the 60's.

Nothing fixes this except for using DDU and then clean installing driver 622.25

I have tried other drivers that are newer, but it seems like every other driver gives me the same problems I descibed above instantly.

I have tried different usb or displayport cables.

I have tried uninstalling and erasing all files for steam vr and for vive console

I have tried running gpu benchmarks both before and after vr stops working. I get the same scores and same fps in non vr games before and after.

I have tried both with and without geforce experience being installed.


It's really weird that it will work fine for as much as a few days, and then the next time I start steam vr is broken in the exact same way. Other times it doesnt work the very next day. No updates or changes of any kind.

And then a ddu clean and a driver reinstall fixes it.

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