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Augmented/Mixed Reality with SRWorks and with HTC Vive Cosmos in Unity


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Hello dear folks!

I am new in the community and glad I joined it. I am currently developing my thesis in the Unity, with HTC Vive Cosmos and SRworks plugin, to develop an Augmented/Mixed Reality project.

I know that SRWorks plugin is for AR/MR applications, as it supports the front stereo cameras of the HMD to be used. I now have a Unity VR project ready, and I would like to put some of its virtual objects in the real-world images with the SRWorks.


As I could not find a nice tutorial for AR/MR with SRWorks, my question is, does anybody know a tutorial or a sample project where we can place a virtual object on top the real-world images that come from the front cameras of the HTC Vive Cosmos device?

I am quite stuck at this point, and do not know where to start learning and implementing.


Any help would be appreciated!

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