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HDCP Error on Vive Pro Eye after CPU Upgrade


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Hi, crossposting this from the steam forums to try and get more help. 

After upgrading from a Ryzen 3700x to a Ryzen 7900x, I am no longer able to use my Vive Pro Eye on this system. A few moments after starting, the display will turn black, and SteamVR will display an error saying "Your GPU is having trouble communicating with your HMD, resulting in an HDCP error...."

For reference, I'm currently using a ryzen 7900x, Strix x670e-e Gaming WIFI mobo, and an RTX 3090 Ti, on Windows 11 21H2. Previously I was using an x570 mobo with a ryzen 3700x.

- The headset still works, I was able to use it on a separate system just fine, and my computer itself is still able use steamvr with an Index
- I've swapped out the 3-in-1 cable, the mini-dp to dp cable, and tried different ports, none of those have changed anything
- I have reinstalled windows and updated GPU drivers. Have also tried SteamVR beta and non beta. SteamVR was fresh installed after the windows reinstall
- Nothing's overclocked, nothing is overheating, the system is about as barebones fresh as you can get outside of personal files. I've even tried setting the pci-e slot to use gen4 instead of gen5.

The only things I can think of to try at this point is to swap gpus with another system, and to try a completely fresh new install of windows, just to see what happens. Maybe I've just hit an obscure hardware incompatibility with newer stuff, I'm not sure. I would really prefer not to downgrade back to my old stuff. 

Any help or suggestions on what I can do?

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