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Vive Pro 2: constant black screens and PC freezes


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Hi guys.

I just got a Vive Pro 2, was a og Vive user since the start and never had problems. Also bought the Index Controllers. The problem is that I am constantly getting black screens, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes forever and, on top of that, the pc freezes and I have to force it to shut down since not even ctrl+alt+del works. Most of the times Vive console says diaplayport cable disconnected, which is not true. Today I got a Grey and purple screen after some minutes of playing half Life: Alyx. The image on the monitor works like it's tracking the headset but then I try to restart the headset and the PC just freezes (didn't have that since windows XP).

I reinstalled ValveVR Vive Console, tried diferent USB ports but nothing seems to be working and I'm getting desperate. Very disappointed and on the verge of returning this headset, unfortunately.

Did anyone else had these symptoms and can give me some advice, please?


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