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Hand Tracking SDK freezing in Unreal when entering play?

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Scratching my head a bit here and could use some help. I'm trying to get hand tracking working on my Vive Pro Eye in UE4 via the Hand Tracking SDK v1.0.0. I've followed all the instructions carefully, but whenever I hit 'play in VR' from the editor while the "HandTrackingProvider" is placed in the level, Unreal just freezes. It doesn't even crash and give me an error message, it just freezes, and refuses to play. Even searching through the log there are no errors. it just stops abruptly. As soon as I take out HandTrackingProvider it plays normally. I've confirmed that my camera is working, have tried different USB ports, and tried in both UE 4.27 and 4.26, and got the same result in both. Has this happened to anyone, could anyone offer support?

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