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stuck at "connect your controller" step


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Does anyone having this issue?

steam/steamVR/VBS (latest version) ON, I put my headset, then I'm stuck at the "connect your controller" step. Even If my controllers are connected, it last 3 seconds, then the panel "connect your controllers" comes back.

Another question, can we move backward and install an old steamVR or steam version?

Many thanks


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Yes - I get this. It's only a recent thing too. On my system I traced it to my controller power levels. If any one of them is at 5% or less, I would get the Vive intro screen continuously asking me to connect the controller. It connects for a few seconds, loses connection, then you get asked to connect both controllers again. The work around for me at least is to make sure both controllers are charged up. The issue for me, is that these days, the controllers seem to eat a huge amount of power in standby. Sometimes I go to play only to discover my nearly fully charged controllers need recharging. This never used to be an issue until the last controller firmware upgrade.


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