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VBS Resource Hogging when headset is not connected


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When using Vive Business Streaming, sometimes my computer resources get hogged and everything becomes sluggish. This usually happens when a headset is not connected to VBS, loses connection or goes standby. When looking at Task Manager, I notice SteamVR's VR Compositor taking up all GPU resources

I haven't immediately pinned down the issue but I think I can recreate in several ways:

  1. Launch VBS, launch SteamVR and launch an Unreal Project (all without having a headset connected to VBS)
  2. Launch VBS, launch SteamVR, vonnect headset and launch an Unreal Project. After a while, the headset will switch to idle and the resource hogging starts

All of this is alleviated by either (re)connecting the headset to VBS or closing down the programs. 

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