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vive wireless WiGig card damaged


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The Vive wireless adapter consists of three crucial components: the wireless link box, the WiGig card, and the wireless transceiver that links the WiGig card to the coaxial cable. The wireless transceiver is attached to the WiGig card through a coaxial cable that connects to a chip beneath the heatsink. Unfortunately, I encountered a problem when moving my computer. The wire that connects the female coaxial cable to the chip in the card got detached, and I had to investigate. Upon removing the heatsink, I found that the wire was soldered into a specific slot, which it got dislodged from. Despite the incident, the WiGig card remains in good condition, as the light is still on. I'm seeking advice and guidance on what to do next. I've come across reports of people who have had their cards repaired, but I also have the tools to repair it myself if possible. Alternatively, is it possible to obtain a replacement WiGig card? I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions offered.

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