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Viveport: Achievements, leaderboards and stats


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Hi all,

We are currently integrating achievements, leaderboards and stats in our game using the Viveport SDK.
I have two question regarding this topic:

1 - We have currently published our game in Beta, is it normal services such as achievements don't work? Do we have to submit a production build to test them?

2 - Are achievements, leaderboards or stats displayed anywhere outisde the game? (ie: in viveport, profile interface etc ...) From my understading, the only way the player can see them is if the gamehas a UI specifically made for this.


Thank you

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I do have some additionnal info that partly answers some of the questions:

- Testing achievements: I still don't know what is the best flow to test achievements but it seems like it does require us to push testing builds to production as achievements, leaderboards and in-app purchases are disabled in BETA by design. Here's the doc mentionning it.

- Achievements UI: I have been told that indeed there is no UI provided by the headset or Viveport to view our achievements. The only way to see them is to implement a UI for it in-game.

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