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For map creation (LBE Mode), we cannot find the "select marker" button in Vive manager app

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We've already purchased some LBE mode features (including map sharing & drift prevention). These days we tried to create a map environment with Aruco Code and followed the drift prevention instruction step by step, but we got stuck on finding "select marker" button to load Aruco code json files which were generated by Aruco Code generator in Vive manager app. We've tried both iOS and Android platform, it doesn't seem working for now.

And one more thing, we've tried to use map switch function and it does need to load json file, however, it took really long time to upload the file and also didn't seem working for us.

Can anyone please give us some solutions or feedbacks to solve the problems above? thanks a lot.


htc pic.JPG

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The Select Marker has appeared in the Vive Manager App. I'm not sure what brought it back. It might have been an update for the app or the headset. I also had to reset the headset and add it back to the Vive Manager App which might also have triggered the appearance.

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