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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes


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23 hours ago, johny66cz said:

(Btw I still have a bug with Nvidia drivers or Steam? When turning off the SteamVR application, it freezes the whole PC for a long time. It did it with RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 4080. But with RTX 3070 I tried (with 2 PC) it didn't do it even once, interesting, is this problem with RTX 2000 and 4000 series?

me too, i had this bug before, no more with 3080ti, and it came back with last vive console beta and 4090.

Same when i whant to switch  Hz 90<>120.

sometime it's freeze forever, i have to switch OFF the power of the headset, et switch ON, steamvr ask Quit or Restart and i restart and it's ok.

not a big deal, but not practical indeed...

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I reinstalled both Steam VR and Vive Console from Steam today. I don't use any RGB software. I tried turning HAGS on and off, but there was no change.

I also deactivated my XMP profile in the BIOS and am using default settings.

Tearing has disappeared at 120Hz, but I just want to play at 90Hz as I'm not sensitive to the frequency change. However, I'm already experiencing CPU peaks in Steam VR Home (3000x3000 per eye). If I remember correctly, I didn't observe this issue before.

Additionally, some games are behaving strangely. Space Pirate Training and The Blue are capped at 60 FPS. The first one stutters a lot, and the second one occasionally experiences similar issues.

It's really frustrating. Fortunately, my system (RTX 4090 Phantom Gainward/Intel 12900 KS)  works well for non VR games...

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Hi all,

Cosmos Elite user here, upgraded from the Vive (2016). I had some tearing problems when recently upgraded my system with new Mobo and processor. I had a lot of tearing problems, and the performance was really bad, I had to run iRacing with 55% SS in steamVR. Everything beyond that level would strike tearing/jagged image, so I was in contact with Asus and Vive support to try to find the problem. Turns out that after changing the "Pre Rendered Frames" setting in Nvidia control panel to 4, I was able to run iRacing, AMS2, DCS world and other simulators with 100% SS in Steam VR and much better settings, and no more tearing/stuttering problems. Another thing that I turned off was the Freesync premium setting in my monitor. It seems to have some influence with the tearing problems as well. 

It was really a game changer, you can check my race yesterday in iRacing, Graphics almost maxed out and 100% SS steamvr in this link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1771848070

My specs:

Asus Prime Z690-P D4 + i5-13600KF@5,3Ghz + 32Gb DDR4 3000Mhz Ram + RTX3080



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Just got my 4090 today, had a few hours with it. Vive Pro 2, beta console, latest nvidia drivers. Everything seems to work well. Tried 90 and 120hz modes.

Noticed the top 1/4 of my image would "tear" or warp in the steamVR home environment after exiting DCS, but not sure if it's repeatable etc. Still early days.

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I've been testing a fair bit. It seems I can't avoid a stutter, or slight warp in the image every 10-15 seconds or so. It seems to be based on head movement, doesn't happen if I keep my head still. But when moving it will randomly just feel like a slight hiccup. It is fairly annoying, but can live with it.

Anyone know how to stop this from happening? Happens in steam VR home environment, in games, etc.

VP2/4090/latest drivers/beta.

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Fixed it. Tried disabling all sorts of software, rgb, system monitors, etc. Nothing worked. Ended up uninstalling vive console and installing again. It's working nicely. Only a very occasional stutter, and the motion reprojection seems a million times better to boot. Quite happy having it locked at 45fps now. I didn't even try the beta yet, not sure I'll even need to. Still on

I should have reinstalled vive console first but haven't really had time to mess with it much. But might help someone if they're having issues.

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I had issues similar to what everyone is describing a few months ago with my Vive Pro 2 and RTX 3090. I fixed them by uninstalling Vive Console and shifting to another version.

Then I was on for a while without any issues until today when suddenly it restarted yet again. I sometime get glitchy weird tearing line in the left eye, around the middle part of it, as well as some glitchy flashing here and there in the view, plus I get some tearing when I rotate my head - that's despite the performance looking good overall. Given my previous experience with that, I went on to update to the latest beta, then uninstall/reinstall etc but this time I'm stuck with it. No matter what combination of steamVR and Vive console version I try, it's still there and ruins VR totally. That's using either 90hz or 120hz - both have this happen. I feel like I'm at a dead end in terms of trying things. Such a pain considering I recently got my 7950x3d and was still in the process of progressively reinstalling everything to enjoy the upgrade - today I had finally reinstalled MSFS when those issues restarted...

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