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Vive system button -> OnApplicationFocus and OnApplicationPause not firing


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We're using Vive OPENXR but when someone pushes the system button, the game runs in the background (although the Vive modal UI pops up).

Typically we use OnApplicationFocus and OnApplicationPause to deal with this functionality on other headsets. But on the Vive, it does not appear to work.

Is there some way to subscribe to this button or state change that is recommended?

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Thanks, it's a VIVE Focus 3, the game is to run on the XR Elite.

Unity: 2020.3.25f1
OpenXR Plugin: 1.3.1
VIVE OpenXR Plugin - Android: 1.0.4 (OpenXR profile selected: Focus 3 Support feature group)
XR plugin Management: 4.2.1
XR Interaction Toolkit: 2.0.2


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