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Headset Crashing after 45minutes to 1h


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We are starting to investigate a problem we have where our headsets start crashing after about 45 minutes of play. It started happening at the same time we migrated to vive focus 3. We aren't completely sure if it is related to the vive focus 3 at this point but I was wondering if anyone ever heard of something similar or had a similar problem?
Here are our current Steps to reproduce :
  • connect to the game
  • Walk with the headset on for between 45 min to 1h

Observed behavior :
  • The headset crash between the 45min to 1h mark.
  • The tracking suddenly becomes unstable, the screen goes black, then blue (because it doesn't have tracking), then when it regains tracking the player finds themself in the vive menu instead of the game.

Additional information :
This crash only happens if the headsets are in movement for the duration. Headsets in standby are not crashing even for longer durations.
The fact the screen goes black and blue because the headset doesn't have tracking makes us suspect it is the headset that crashes and not the game.
Furthermore, we have installed bugsnag (an android app crash logger) into our game and it is not capturing any game crash when this happens (we validated it does capture normal game crashes), reinforcing the hypothesis the headset is crashing and not the game.
We are developing on Unreal 4.27

Thanks for your help!^^

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