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underwater VR


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I want the video streaming made by zed camera to be put in the focus3 headset. It seems that I don't need to learn a lot of unrelated knowledge. What should I learn for finishing this project?

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2 options,
1. Play the video locally in AIO.
    Push the file in the device under video folder and use Viveport Video (AIO version) to play it.
2. Streaming service
     Use Viveport Video (PC version) while doing streaming and play it. 

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Thanks. Now I am trying to finish another project,which make a real-time VR video in headset focus3.I found after I download the plugin Openxr,it can't play until I clicked the bottom 'pause' in Unity.I mean it can not play automatically in the mobile phone and the headset focus3.Is there any solution for that problem?

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