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VIVE XR Elite - Joining the Beta program


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About the VIVE XR Elite Beta Program
VIVE XR Elite Beta program is an early access program for VIVE XR Elite version. By joining the beta program, you will have the opportunity to test the Beta program, and help us make XR Elite better by providing feedback on your experience with experimental features.

How do I sign up for the Beta Program?
You can join the Beta program by completing the step below.
1. Please send your contact and device serial number to VIVE_BETA@htc.com in the following format. By sending your personal information, you agree to HTC Privacy Policy.

  • Contact Name :
  • Contact Email :
  • Device Serial Number :

       There are 2 ways to locate your 12-digits device serial number starting with FA , HT or 5A, for example FA1B22R01688.
       1.In the settings, navigate to General > About > Headset status, the serial number will be displayed in this page.
       2.The product label will be inside the right temple. 

2. When you receive the confirmation email, please go to Settings > Advanced > Beta features, and press Join to confirm the update.

How do I option out the Beta Program?
You can option out the Beta program and revert back to the public version at any time by the following steps:

  1. Please go to Settings > Advanced > Beta features, and click quit Beta program.  
  2. A notification of the latest version update will pop out.  
  3. Click the update button to start the update.

Additional questions or feedback?
If you have any questions or would like to give feedback on the Beta features, please visit the VIVE XR Elite forum.

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6 minutes ago, samjaitw said:

To adminstrator,
I have sent my contact to the email already. May I know the required time for the processing of the request? Thank you!

Give it a day or 2. sorry for the delay. thanks 

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Thank you! Sorry that I was a bit too rush as currently I am striving for my thesis of my graduate study, so I would like to eager to study about it to see if my idea can be achieved by using xr elite.

Thank you for your reply!

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