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VIVE XR Elite - Tracking QR Code/AprilTags

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Hi all,

I'm working on a commercial project at the moment looking to put a 'digital skin' onto training manikins for use in emergency response training utilising Passthrough. The idea is that the trainee is in their own environment and when they look at the manikin it has a digital skin overlayed. Our thought is that we will track the position of a manikin and it's arms/legs using either QR Codes or AprilTags.

We're around 6 months into the project and initially started development on the Quest Pro as it was the only affordable headset on the market that offered colour Passthrough, however we found both the hardware and Meta's support too restrictive to allow us to achieve what we want.

On looking for a solution we spoke to HTC about the capability of the new XR Elite headset and were assured that the headset has the capability to track QR Codes/AprilTags with Passthorugh. Using Unity, we've successfully managed to produce a project with a working Passthrough underlay, however we're struggling to see a solution to allow us to track images/qr/apriltags using Passthrough.

Is there an SDK or Plugin we can utilise to achieve this functionality? If not what options do we have to achieve the functionality we want?

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