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Vive Cosmos can't work with steam


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I'm trying to set up my new Vive Cosmos but keep running into an error and can't get it working. Very disappointing!


I get Viveport installed no problem.

When I try to install the Vive Cosmos drivers I get to 1 Install software. (note it says "UPDATE" in this shot because Viveport and SteamVR are both installed as this isn't the first time I've run this)


Then when I hit UPDATE it can't open steam, this is the same error that I got the first time I tried to install.


If I had to guess, it might be that the Vive Cosmos installer has some sort of access privileges issue.

I have Steam itself installed to my E drive. I doubt that's related. Steam works fine and I can run SteamVR (which is installed to the directory from the first screen shot) from within Steam without any problems. When I run SteamVR it can't detect the Vive Cosmos (possibly because the drivers haven't been installed).

Since everything is installed, I tried skipping the update step to get straight to the driver installation.

I connect the Vive Cosmos up, it detects it and I pair the controllers fine, then when it comes to room setup it just does nothing for a few seconds then closes with no warning message or anything. Again if I open SteamVR from within Steam it opens fine but can't detect the headset so I can't do room setup that way.

I've already bought a new PCIe USB 3.0 card as I wasn't getting a consistent connection with my USB slots so I tried that as my first step of troubleshooting (and I needed new USB ports anyway). The new PCIe card works fine for other things like my mouse and charging my phone so I'm sure it's not a USB issue.


Any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated!

I was really looking forward to playing some VR games and it's been two days since my Vive Cosmos arrived now. I'm on the verge of sending it back if there's not some other fix to try, might be a faulty set.

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