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Gazing Data on 360-degree image/video with Eye Tracker for HTC VIVE Focus 3 in Unity


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I would like to use the VIVE Focus 3 with the belonging "Eye Tracker", and I've been trying to implement the tracking into Unity.

My main goal is to collect Gazing data on a 360-degree video to get an understanding of where participants are looking at a specific view-out, see figure of example: Reference Picture

I have been trying for hours and hours to get the Eye-Tracking working with Unity, but none of the tutorials regarding VIVE Wave or OpenXR works.

Do any of you have any recommendations or step-by-step videos/pictures that could help me out? This is the first time using Unity, so it is quite a task.

Best Regards,

Louis H

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Hi @cluelou,

There is a sample project that you can reference inside the Wave SDK. It is located here: Assets/Wave/Essence/InputModule/5.2.0-r.8/Demo/EyeTracking.unity. You will also need to enable Eye Tracking under Project Settings > XR Plug-in Management > WaveXRSettings.


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Thank you for the tip @MarcusN 🙂 

Firstly: After creating an XR Rig and choosing an Android application when pressing "Build and Run" in the "Build Settings", it only supports "Head movement" and not Eye Tracking.

Meaning I can only toggle the buttons when the middle of the HMD is focused on it. Not my eyes. Does it make sense and do you know what I need to do to fix it?

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